Pergasingan Hill, The Place for Extreme Sports

Pergasingan Hill, The Place for Extreme Sports

Pergasingan Hill in Sembalun is situated along the perimeter of Mount Rinjani. If you’re a fan of exhilarating extreme sports, this is the ideal spot for you.

With an elevation of 1670 meters above sea level, Pergasingan Hill holds a magnetic appeal for enthusiasts of adventurous activities. Numerous climbers consider Pergasingan Hill a primary destination, alongside Mount Rinjani, making it a favored choice for those seeking an adrenaline-fueled experience.

The Facts of Pergasingan

Adi, the proprietor of Rinjani Trek Adventure, extends an invitation to climbers not only for Mount Rinjani but also for the equally thrilling Pergasingan Hill that promises a rapid adrenaline rush. To explore the excitement of Pergasingan Hill, let’s delve into the details.

Situated in Sembalun

this region is well-recognized among enthusiasts of Rinjani trekking. Sembalun serves as a crucial pathway leading to the summit of Rinjani and has become the favored route for climbers.

Moreover, this village is renowned for its agro-tourism, showcasing numerous rice fields and plantations along the Rinjani route. Travelers can marvel at the orchards owned by locals and even indulge in the temptation of picking fruits directly from the trees. The garden owners offer facilities for a direct payment, making the experience affordable. Not only is the price reasonable due to the direct source, but the fruits picked are also fresher and more delectable.

Becoming a Nature Tourism Park

Pergasingan Hill has evolved into a renowned natural park, drawing considerable interest from both local climbers and international tourists. Its allure lies in the captivating beauty of the surrounding nature, making it a favored destination for nature enthusiasts.

Colorful Rice Field View

colorful ricefield view from pergansingan
colorful ricefield view from pergansingan

The unforgettable and truly breathtaking sight is the panoramic view of vibrant rice fields seen from the summit.

These aren’t just ordinary green fields but a palette of colors adorning the landscape. It resembles an expansive carpet adorned with a mosaic of colorful puzzle patterns, making it an exceptionally unique sight. Such a captivating scene is exclusive to the summit of Pergasingan Hill.

The locals, steeped in a rich gardening culture, contribute to the picturesque and colorful appearance of the village when viewed from the hill’s summit

There are challenging ascents and staircases

Many climbers, as part of their preparation for ascending Mount Rinjani, choose to train on Pergasingan Hill. It serves as an ideal warm-up before undertaking the multi-day journey to the summit of Rinjani, a feat that may take beginners 4 days and 3 nights.

Despite the relatively manageable climb on Pergasingan, caution is still necessary, particularly during sections with steep inclines reaching up to 65 degrees. It’s an intense climb that demands vigilance.

The ascent to the top of Pergasingan Hill typically takes about 3 hours, involving approximately 70 steps to reach the initial photo spot or viewpoint of Rinjani. Persevere, as the fatigue will dissipate upon reaching the hill’s summit.

Once at the top, you’ll be treated to a mesmerizing view of colorful rice fields, lush green gardens, surrounding mountains, and the brilliant blue sky. It’s a breathtaking sight, don’t you agree, fellow trekker?

A Place to Try Paragliding Sports

For enthusiasts of paragliding, Pergasingan Hill offers an excellent opportunity to test your skills. Distinguishing paragliding from parachuting, the former involves a fabric seat for sitting, providing a unique experience compared to the parachute-only approach of the latter.

Engaging in paragliding serves as a beneficial workout, enhancing the balance of abdominal and pelvic muscles. It also contributes to overall health by promoting lung and heart fitness, fostering improved blood circulation and respiratory flow. Additionally, the refreshing air of the hilly terrain enhances the experience.

The popularity of paragliding has turned Pergasingan Hill into a renowned tourist attraction. Professional paragliders often showcase their skills, and for those curious to try, why not do so under the guidance of a trained instructor? Rest assured, the speed is stable and the activity is conducted with safety in mind.

Downhill Bike Path

Cycling is a universally enjoyed sport, favored for its effectiveness in calorie burning without the strenuous impact of jogging.

While cycling on a flat highway has its benefits, tackling hills adds an extra layer of challenge. Pergasingan Hill, in particular, offers a compelling setting for cycling enthusiasts. Experience the unique sensation of cycling on hilly terrain and embrace the challenge it brings.

A Place For Camping

2days 1night trekking pergasingan hill
camping on pergansingan hill

Due to the popularity of the location, reaching the summit of Pergasingan Hill reveals a multitude of camping tents. Securing a prime camping spot necessitates a swift ascent to the top. It’s not just tourists; numerous young individuals choose Pergasingan Hill as their preferred camping site.

For a successful camping experience, adequate preparation is essential. This includes bringing a tent, mattress, change of clothes, cooking utensils, lighting equipment, and other necessary gear. Rinjani Trek Adventure consistently prioritizes the thoroughness of climbing and camping equipment.

Beautiful Photo Spot

Beautiful photo spot on Pergansingan Hill

Certainly, the primary objective for many hikers on Pergasingan Hill is discovering the perfect photo spot to share on social media. The scenic beauty of the place speaks for itself, making it an ideal location for capturing captivating images.

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