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A licensed local trekking company in Lombok that offers an exclusive trekking package to Mount Rinjani with more than 6 years of experience. All of the members of this company are local native people who grow up in the Mount Rinjani National Park area.

Our office is located in Senaru area (North Lombok). Our accommodations are situated nearby, where you have a good view on Mount Rinjani and surrounding rice fields.

Mount Rinjani Trekking Guide

Mount Rinjani Attraction

People also ask

on the first day you will need 8 hours (normally) to reach the campsite area on sembalun crater rim. You will find the normal trek from sembalun start pont to 3th pos with a little forest and savanna. But from the 3th pos to sembalun crater rim (campsite) the trek is very steep and its will take 3 to 4 hours walk up. And then on the second day from sembalun crater rim to the peak, you will pass through the sandy trek for 3 hours walk up which is start from 2 am and reach the peak on 5 am for sunrise

There are several things that determine the price for climbing Mount Rinjani

  1. The Trekking Organizer that you choose
  2. The number of days
  3. The type of service (Privat, Deluxe, Standart/Sharing)

to make it easier for you, try to communicate and quote prices with them directly

Yes you can, a guide is not mandatory. At the entrance of Rinjani National Park you need to sign the papper before trekking, that you are well prepared and responsible for your own safety. But we always reccomend a guide and porter for your safety

Its depend on your fitness level, minimum it will takes 2 days for finish the trek which is start from sembalun village to crater rim on the first day with 8 hours walk up and than exactly to the peak on the second day at 2 am with 3 hour walk up. After that going down to finish the trek, its about 5 hours in total on the second day. You will find this program on 2 days via sembalun. But there is also one day trek if you start via senaru, the scedhule starts from 10 pm at midnight to senaru crater rim for sunrise at 6 am. And then after, you will going down to finish point where you get started.

Our Team Work

Mr. adi

The owner of Rinjani Trek Adventure

  • Manage your booking reservation
  • The one who prepare your transportation and accomodation
  • The one who provide for your trekking guide and porters
  • manage your food and equipments needs
  • The one who will take a responsibility for your hiking activity

Guides & Porters

Your partner on hiking activity

  • explain the climbing route
  • packing and carry your food and equipment
  • the one who will cook your food during the trek

Transportation & Accomodation

We provide comportable car and room

Trekking Foods & Equipments

We provide good quality of trekking equipment and meals at our trekking package to keep your energy in good condition

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