Segara Anak Lake: Sorting Myth from Reality. Is it True?

Segara Anak Lake

Segara Anak Lake carries a distinctive narrative intertwined with both myths and factual elements. Whether rooted in truth or inherited lore, this narrative holds a unique charm, blending natural beauty with cultural significance.

Every region possesses local wisdom deserving of respect, and for some, it transforms into a belief. Yet, within the myth surrounding Segara Anak Lake in Rinjani, there are valuable lessons to be gleaned. It is this fusion of folklore and reality that has propelled Rinjani National Park tourism in Lombok to international acclaim. The allure of Lake Segara Anak, situated at an altitude of approximately 2008 meters above sea level, captivates every Rinjani climber, establishing it as a prominent tourist destination.

Extent and Depth of the Lake

Drawing on his extensive experience as a trekking organizer, Adi sheds light on the local wisdom surrounding Segara Anak Lake, a distinctive icon of Rinjani. The name “Segara Anak” derives from two syllables in the Sasak language, the native tongue of Lombok’s indigenous tribe. “Segara” translates to sea, while “anak” signifies a small size or miniature, suggesting the lake as either a child of the sea or a miniature sea.

As a geological gem within Rinjani Park, Segara Anak Lake boasts its own allure, covering an expansive area of approximately 11 square kilometers and plunging to a depth of up to 230 meters. Picturing the vastness and depth of this lake prompts a vivid contemplation, showcasing the remarkable dimensions of this natural wonder.

Fun Camping Spot

Our team, well-versed in guiding Rinjani climbers, has a wealth of experience, with Adi having accompanied numerous climbers on their camping expeditions here.

The allure lies in the opportunity to engage in activities such as swimming, fishing, and scouting picturesque photo spots around the lake. As you explore for these ideal photo locations, our dedicated team ensures a delightful culinary experience for you to savor, leaving you free to simply enjoy the moment.

Come evening, we venture to find hot springs for a soothing soak. Undoubtedly, this becomes a sanctuary to discover tranquility amid the natural surroundings.

Mythical Tales of the Lake

Given the vast expanse of the lake, it’s not uncommon for some visitors to attribute mystical qualities to it. Certain beliefs suggest that beholding the size of the lake can predict one’s lifespan—some claim it signifies a long life, while others believe a narrow appearance hints at a shorter life.

These mythical narratives, though not necessarily grounded in truth, prompt us to explore the various stories associated with the lake. What myths surround this intriguing body of water?

Sacred Old Tree

Situated in the campground area near Segara Anak Lake, stands an ancient tree, revered as sacred. This distinction is attributed to the belief that the tree possesses the power to fulfill all wishes.

The local community holds firm in the conviction that through this sacred tree, any desire can be granted. Consequently, the tree receives special care and is diligently preserved.

Believed to be The Dwellings of Gods

Many hold the belief that Segara Anak Lake is the dwelling place of the gods, and as a tribute, climbers often present ‘Sesajen’ or offerings at the lake’s base. Sesajen consists of symbolic items such as food and flowers, used in religious rituals with the intention of drawing closer to supernatural or mystical forces.

The notion of gods residing in the lake adds a captivating allure to Segara Lake, making it an intriguing destination. However, reaching this sacred site requires a challenging hike, a journey we’ve guided numerous Rinjani climbers through, allowing them to revel in the lake’s extraordinary natural beauty.

Upon arriving, it would be a missed opportunity not to set up camp in this enjoyable location. We stand prepared to cater to your camping needs at Segara Anak, providing tents and even culinary offerings for your dining and refreshment requirements.

Mountain in the Middle of the Lake

Beyond myth, Segara Anak Lake holds a factual wonder—a mountain situated not at the lake’s periphery but within its very center. This mountain bears the name Mount Barujari.

Considered the offspring of Mount Rinjani, Mount Barujari is an active volcano. Rest assured, it is presently deemed safe for climbing. Imagine the experience of witnessing a sunset by the lake with the panoramic backdrop of Mount Barujari. Join us at Rinjani Trek Adventure to savor this unique spectacle.

Furthermore, Mount Rinjani encompasses four geological sites within Rinjani National Park: the Samalas caldera, Mount Rinjani, Lake Segara Anak, and Mount Barujari.

Hot Springs as Medicine

This is not merely a myth, as the geothermal water surrounding Lake Segara Anak indeed contains beneficial sulfur elements that are renowned for skin treatment. In close proximity to the lake, there are numerous hot springs, each with varying temperature levels.

Both the local community and Rinjani climbers share a belief in the healing properties of Segara Anak’s hot springs, attributing them with the ability to alleviate various ailments.

Furthermore, the sulfur within these springs aids in absorbing excess skin oil, treating acne, and possessing antibacterial properties. Parman friend, you must experience the Segara Anak Hot Springs to truly appreciate the comforting sensation. All weariness and fatigue from the hike will effortlessly dissolve in these revitalizing waters.


These are the myths that we’ve gleaned from the local wisdom surrounding Segara Anak Lake. While not necessarily absolute truths, these narratives add an intriguing layer to the fascinating tapestry of the lake’s natural beauty, interwoven with cultural stories, myths, and community beliefs.

Whether you choose to embrace these tales or not, what remains undeniable is the extraordinary beauty that graces this lake. It exudes splendor, tranquility, and an inner sense of satisfaction.

We share these stories because Segara Anak Lake is among our cherished natural tourist destinations. At Rinjani Trek Adventure, Adi’s team will guide you from the pick-up point to this enchanting location. Recognizing that travelers from outside Lombok Island may be uncertain about safely and comfortably reaching this place, we are here to assist.

Furthermore, our team has the expertise to accompany even novice climbers, ensuring a secure and enjoyable experience, even for those who have never ventured up a mountain before. With our capabilities, we are confident in welcoming you as our next client and promise to unveil routes that will captivate and amaze you throughout the journey.

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