How to Get to Lombok from Bali

How to Get to Lombok from Bali

There are plenty of ways how to get to Lombok from Bali. Some of them are by plane, car, fast
boat, and slow ferry. Further, the best choice depends on the budget and situation. Before
choosing a way, let’s learn more about each option!
Various Ways How to Get to Lombok from Bali
Bali and Lombok become some of the best islands in Indonesia. No wonder many people plan to
go to these islands on their holiday.
If you are one of those people, do not worry because there are many options on how to get to
Lombok from Bali. Moreover, keep on reading this page to find out the best choice!

1. Fly from Bali to Lombok by Plane

Taking a plane is the fastest choice to fly from Bali to Lombok. It only takes about 30-40
minutes. Thus, there are lots of time to explore Bali when you arrive.
Furthermore, direct flights from Bali to Lombok are available. The airlines are Wing Air,
Citilink, and Lion Air. The Bali to Lombok flight time is also quite varied. Therefore, no need
to worry about departing too early or late.
As for the cost, flights from Bali to Lombok are around Rp750.000, or around $43, for a one-
way trip in low seasons. During holidays such as December-January or June-July, the price
becomes more expensive due to high demand.
If taking a plane, you depart from Ngurah Rai International Airport. To get here, you can ride
public transportation. If you are lucky enough, your hotel may have a shuttle to the airport.
In Lombok, you will arrive at Lombok Airport (Praya). Even though the airport is far from the
city, you can easily ride the Damri bus to reach the main destinations. However, if you want a
private tour, grab a taxi or rent a car for a 1.5-hour drive to the city.

2. The Fast Boat to Lombok

If the plane is too expensive for you, then the fast boat is the next option to try. Not only will you
get to Lombok faster than using a ferry, but you will also get a unique experience.
From Bali, people can catch the boat from 2 ports, they are Padang Bai and Serangan. However,
before choosing where you will depart from, ensure the harbor that you want to arrive at.
Remember that there are two ports in Lombok, Sengigi and Bangsal Pier.
To enjoy the fast boat from Bali to Lombok, you will need to pay around Rp350.000 per ride.
Instead of buying the tickets on-site, try to book them online.
At peak seasons, the queue is normally long and crowded. Therefore, in this kind of season, it is
best to secure your ticket by booking online.
As for the schedule, the boats start to depart around 9 am each day and take around 2-3 hours to
get to Lombok.

3. Enjoying the View with the Slow Ferry

One of the most affordable ways how to get to Lombok from Bali is the slow ferry. However,
keep in mind that it also takes the longest time, around 4-8 hours. So, if you are not in a rush, this
transportation is a great choice to try.
Just like the fast boat, the ferry departs from Padang Bai and Serangan Port. It also arrives in the
2 harbors in Lombok. The difference is the departure time which is more flexible because it
departs every 3 hours and continues until night.
From all options, this is the only vehicle that lets people bring their bicycle, motorbike, or even
car. However, to bring those things you will have to pay an extra cost of around Rp150.000 to
Rp300.000 depending on what you bring. As for the ticket ride itself only costs around
Overall, this is one of the most chosen and convenient options that most tourists choose. This
choice is highly recommended especially for those on budget.
Which is the Best to Choose?

After knowing the ways how to get to Lombok from Bali, which should you choose? Well, it
depends on your budget and situation.
If you have more budget and want to enjoy the island more, then hopping on a plane is the best
answer. As it only takes 30 minutes, you can get to Lombok faster and without any seasickness.
On the other hand, if you are looking for some experience to see more of nature, then try out the
fast boat. The travel time is not as long as riding a ferry, but you can get a unique experience by
riding this boat.
Finally, the most recommended way how to get to Lombok from Bali is by public ferry. This is
the most affordable way for those on a budget or planning a backpack traveling!

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