Things to Know Before Going Through Letter E Rinjani Trek

Letter E Rinjani

Mount Rinjani has many challenging and dangerous treks. From many available, one of the most
popular treks is the letter E Rinjani.
People call this trek the letter E Rinjani because the shape is similar to one of the alphabets.
Then, hikers must go through to reach the highest point, 3,726 meters.

Knowing More About Letter E Rinjani

Many people say that this trek is one of the hardest and the most dangerous areas in Mount
Rinjani. Some hikers have fallen and went missing in this area. Thus, be careful while going
through this trek.
Despite being dangerous, after beating this trek, hikers will reach the highest point and get to see
a spectacular view. Therefore, going through this trek is sure with every breath.
To pass this trek successfully, hikers should know how the letter E Rinjani is and prepare for it.
Further, here are some illustrations about how the trek is:

1. Rocky & Sandy Trails

From many treks you will be going through, the Letter E trek has rocky and sandy trails.
Likewise, it can be slippery especially if you do not wear the right footwear.
Some people even say that when you step 1 step forward, you will move back 3 steps backward.
So, imagine how challenging it can be.
The rocks around the trek are also loose, so it falls easily which makes it dangerous for hikers.
Importantly, always look forward and watch out for falling rocks.

2. No Safety Fence

Another reason why the Letter E Rinjani is dangerous is because it has no safety element such
as fences throughout the trek. Therefore, people can slip or fall easily from their trek.

Due to the narrow trek, hikers need to be extra careful. To help you out, do not get too sidelined
so you stay safe. Also, ensure to wear the best footwear, especially one that is not slippery on
rocky and sandy tracks.
Additionally, people are not allowed to stop at some points of the narrow trek. Make sure to obey
this rule so that everyone can stay safe.
Besides, if you plan to take photos in some spots of the trek, it is better to sit down. This will
prevent you from falling or slipping.

3. No Signs Available

It is important to hire a guide since there are no signs available throughout the trek. Even though
there are many people around, it is still possible to get lost.

4. Cold & Windy Weather

The temperature in Mount Rinjani is cold, but this trek is colder because of the strong winds. To
face the strong wind, don’t go walking up straight.
Try walking by bowing a bit to prevent getting hit by the wind. This may be tiring but it will help
you to reach the last destination faster.

5. Going Down is Hard

After completing the trek and reaching the top of Mount Rinjani, many people feel happy and
satisfied. This is normal as the trek is hard. However, keep in mind that hikers must also go
down and this trek is not easy too.
Compared to the hiking trek to the top, the trek going down is easier but still in a hard category.
Therefore, ensure to keep your stamina and energy for going back because it is also slippery.
Prepare Your Journey Well

Knowing the trek is very important. Hence, hikers will know what they are facing and prepare
well. For those who are planning to go hike and go through the Letter E Rinjani trek, here are
some things to prepare:

1. Food & Water

Most travel companies do provide food and water for their hikers; however, it is best that you
also bring one yourself. This is to prevent if you run out of one of them before reaching the
ground again.
Bring snacks or food that can give you extra energy. If possible, put them in small parts so they
are not too heavy to bring.

2. Warm Clothing

To keep you comfortable and warm throughout the hike, make sure to prepare warm clothing. In
the afternoon it may be hot, but it can be cold in the morning and the evening.
When you go through Letter E Rinjani, the wind is very strong. Before going through this trek,
make sure you wear clothes to protect your body from the cold.
Instead of warm clothing, make sure to wear the right footwear that is not slippery on sand or
rock. This will also help your hike and make it easier.
Overall, the trek in Rinjani is different from the ones in Semeru. It might not be as steep, but it is
longer which makes it more tiring and challenging for hikers.
This also goes for the Letter E Rinjani. Even though it is only 400 m from the top, it is
challenging yet worth the try.

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