Waterfall Sendang Gile

waterfall sendang gile

There are a thousand of beautiful waterfalls that laying on Lombok Island, one of the best is waterfall Sendang Gile. This beautiful waterfall is located at Senaru Village the Northen part of Lombok Island not far from the hiking trail of Mount Rinjani.

Direction to waterfall Sendang Gile

The attraction of Sendang Gile Waterfall

Interesting history

There is an old story circulating among the surrounding community about the myths that exist in Sendang Gile Waterfall. Local residents have two versions of history, the first is that the pool at this waterfall is known as a haven for ancient angels when they came down to earth. They believe that an angel visits the earth sometime and descends to the waterfall to bathe.

Then the second version is the name, namely Sendang Gile. Basically, the name comes from Sengang Gile or Crazy Lion because it is said that there used to be a lion that raged in the village. When residents look for it in the forest, residents find the waterfall. Not only is that the name for this waterfall, there are also those who call it Batu Ko’ or Batu Buffalo.

Fresh air and clean water

This waterfall has clean and clear water that comes directly from Mount Rinjani, the water feels cold like mountain water and there is a lot of green growth that surrounds this waterfall like moss that sticks to the rocks.

Going on water tourism is indeed very enjoyable, especially going when the weather is hot. This coolness is indeed no longer a rare thing when discussing waterfalls in the middle of the forest, but the cool air that is given at Sendang Gile Waterfall can be said to be the most stable in the Lombok area. This is because the thick green trees there produce oxygen which refreshes the lungs. Not only that, the dense foliage of the trees makes the surrounding area have many shelters to rest.

How to get there

There are a various ways on how to get to waterfal Sendang Gile, Moreover, keep on reading this page to find out the best choice!

Past The Stairs

Taking this path is the fastest choice to get to waterfall Sendang Gile. It only takes about 20-25
minutes down the stairs. This is also the main route that is usually accessed by most tourists, it is covered with shady trees along the way.

To return via this path, you need extra energy to climb the stairs which are quite tiring, sometimes you can climb more than 3o minutes.

Past The Footpath

One of the most affordable ways on how to get to waterfall Sendang Gile is via the footpath, not many know it this trail is a little further from the stairway, about 30 minutes walk on a flat footpath. Along the way, tourists are presented with beautiful views of the cliffs and green rice fields


The facilities provided are not too many. Looking for stalls or restaurants or places to buy drinks will not be found in the surrounding area. You can find small stalls near the entrance to the Mount Rinjani area. There, you can buy whatever you need such as drinks and snacks and then consume it on location.

As for lodging facilities, they are still minimal. If you plan to stay overnight, you can check some of the closest hotels or inns at the entrance to the Mount Rinjani area. Being in Sendang Gile does not provide the necessary facilities, but the distance from the settlement or the main entrance is not too far so visitors don’t have to worry about the facilities. After all, the natural feel is felt when you are in the waterfall.

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