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rinjani 100 marathon

The Rinjani 100 Ultra Marathon is a globally recognized sports tourism event situated in Mount Rinjani National Park, Lombok, Indonesia. This annual international marathon draws participants from diverse countries, making it a prominent and eagerly anticipated event in the sporting calendar.

Distinguishing itself from ordinary marathons, the Rinjani 100 event stands out due to its unique location. The marathon route winds through the stunning landscapes of the Rinjani forest, featuring challenging terrains and steep paths. This distinctive setting adds to the allure of the event, capturing the excitement and anticipation of marathon enthusiasts worldwide.

Owned a Vacuum For an Extended Period

 The Marathon Rinjani Ultra 100, a sports tourism event, experienced a hiatus for several years owing to the impact of an earthquake and the Covid-19 pandemic. Following a successful revival in 2022, this world-class marathon event triumphantly returned in 2023. Specifically, it took place over three days from May 26 to 28, 2023.

Rinjani Marathon Facts

The anticipation of running enthusiasts worldwide for the 100 Ultra Rinjani Marathon event is a well-established fact. Participants in this event have the chance to earn UTMB points. Now, let’s delve into a comprehensive discussion to understand what UTMB stands for.

Lombok to Host World Sports Event

The eagerly awaited Rinjani 100 Ultra Marathon running event, a fixture in the international annual calendar, offers a unique experience of running a marathon on a mountain. Recently, this significant event unfolded successfully on Mount Rinjani in the captivating island of Lombok.

It’s worth noting that Lombok has been a host to several successful international events, extending beyond the Rinjani 100 marathon. Notably, the island proudly accommodates a world-class motorcycle racing championship, MotoGP, at the Mandalika circuit. This circuit, with its beachside ambiance, reflects Lombok’s remarkable progress as a tourist destination island, earning well-deserved appreciation.

The Most Beautiful Running Location

The marathon route within Rinjani National Park stands out as an unparalleled running track. Positioned along the Wallace Line, it serves as a convergence point for fauna and flora originating from both Asia and Australia. The abundance and uniqueness of fauna and flora species in the forests of Mount Rinjani make this marathon route particularly exceptional.

Running a marathon amidst the enchanting beauty of nature offers a truly delightful experience. The Rinjani 100 ultra-marathon event provides climbers with a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in such a captivating atmosphere, making it a matchless and memorable experience.

The Hardest Running Field

Navigating a marathon through the rugged terrain of Mount Rinjani National Park imparts a distinct atmosphere. Conquering challenging mountainous paths demands robust stamina, physical fitness, and unwavering motivation for success.

Given the strenuous nature of the marathon route, participants should engage in preparatory exercises. These encompass health assessments, maintaining a nutritious diet, and thorough warm-ups. Additionally, meticulous attention to personal equipment is crucial, including wearing comfortable shoes and clothing and carrying essential medication.

Unlike hikers who often bear heavy backpacks, marathon participants need a streamlined approach. Essential equipment includes a hydration bag with a minimum capacity of 1.5 liters, a headlamp for nighttime running, an emergency blanket, a map, a whistle, and a bracelet equipped with a location marker chip. Due to the cold weather, lightweight jackets and gloves are recommended attire during the marathon.

Various Race Categories

More than 30 countries were represented by participants in this significant event. The Rinjani 100 marathon, featuring 27 km, 36 km, 75 km, 119 km, and 162 km categories, attracted a diverse range of competitors. However, certain categories require participants to meet the committee’s qualification standards, ensuring adherence to specific criteria.

Notably, the Rinjani 100 Ultra Marathon event generates substantial enthusiasm among marathon participants worldwide. The event’s allure lies in its UTMB certification points, signifying recognition of runners’ proficiency on a global scale. For Indonesian runners, the Rinjani 100 Ultra provides a convenient means to accumulate points without the need to participate in overseas running events.

Promotion of Lombok Tourism

The Rinjani 100 ultra-marathon, a sports tourism event held in the Rinjani forest area, has proven to be a magnet for both local and international tourists. The championship has witnessed a substantial increase in visitors to Lombok, contributing significantly to the island’s tourism appeal. Even outside the marathon event, Mount Rinjani remains a favored destination for climbing enthusiasts, with the Rinjani 100 ultra-marathon further enhancing its allure.

This event presents a golden opportunity for the local government of Lombok to showcase and promote tourism on the island, renowned for its natural beauty. Lombok, often compared to its neighbor Bali, boasts world-class beaches like Mandalika Beach, Pink Beach, Senggigi Beach, and Semeti Beach. The Gili Islands, including Gili Meno, Gili Trawangan, and Gili Air, are internationally acclaimed and highly sought-after destinations. The island’s culinary delights, featuring traditional Lombok dishes such as ayam taliwang, sayur ares, and plecing kangkung, add to its charm.

Lombok’s appeal is further complemented by robust infrastructure, with the establishment of numerous resorts and 5-star hotels, providing visitors with a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Fully Supported By the Indonesian Government

The Indonesian Government, represented by the Minister of Tourism, is wholeheartedly backing the execution of this international event. Undoubtedly, this event stands out as one of the most bustling occasions ever hosted in Indonesia, buoyed by significant support from sponsors.

The residents of Lombok, particularly those in the vicinity of Mount Rinjani National Park, directly experience the positive impact of the surge in tourist visits, presenting a promising prospect for enhancing the local economy. For marathon participants, it is a source of pride that this event receives special attention, fueling heightened enthusiasm among those taking part.


The successful organization of Rinjani 100 Ultra in 2023 has left participants eagerly anticipating the next scheduled event. Barring significant obstacles, the upcoming Rinjani Marvelous Trail is set to take place from May 24 to 26, 2024. Early registration has already commenced, as announced by the official Rinjani 100 committee. To stay well-informed, it is recommended to regularly check the Rinjani 100 website or Instagram for updates.

As a Trekking Organizer, it’s important to highlight the extraordinary beauty awaiting at the peak of Rinjani. Climbers, reaching the summit through a marathon run, can relish the breathtaking scenery without the need for a burdensome carrier bag. Upon reaching the mountain’s zenith, the organizing committee rewards climbers with a bracelet, serving as a symbolic token of their triumphant ascent.

While participating in marathon events offers the advantage of not having to carry a carrier bag, there are associated disadvantages. The time constraints during the Rinjani 100 marathon event limit the opportunity to immerse oneself in nature for an extended period. Conversely, choosing to camp provides a more leisurely experience, allowing participants to savor the natural surroundings for a longer duration.

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