7 Fascinating Facts About Senaru Village

senaru village

7 Fascinating Facts About Senaru Village Nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Indonesia, Senaru Village is a hidden gem that boasts a rich cultural heritage and natural wonders. Explore the charm of this quaint village through these seven intriguing facts that showcase its uniqueness. Gateway to Mount Rinjani: Senaru Village serves as the main gateway […]

Rinjani Caldera Volcanic Eruption : History and Impacts

rinjani eruption history

Nestled on the picturesque island of Lombok, Indonesia, Mount Rinjani, a commanding volcano, has left its mark through several eruptions. As the second-highest volcano in Indonesia, Rinjani’s volcanic activity, orchestrated by the Rinjani Caldera, has shaped not only its formidable landscape but also the surrounding regions. Temporary Closure Amidst Extreme Weather As of January 1, […]

8 Local Wisdom and Culture of Rinjani National Park

rinjani local wisdom

The Cultural Tapestry of Rinjani National Park: A Journey into Local Wisdom Introduction: Rinjani National Park, nestled in the heart of Lombok, Indonesia, stands out not only for its breathtaking natural beauty but also for its commitment to preserving local wisdom and culture. Despite its global recognition as a premier natural tourist destination, the park […]

Mount Baru Jari

Mount Baru Jari

In the middle of the Mount Rinjani cluster there is a small mountain called Mount Baru Jari (2,376 masl). Many people call it the child Mount Rinjani. It is an active volcano, surrounded by a crater lake which covers an area of ​​about 11126 hectares and is bounded by a caldera wall which reaches a […]

Waterfall Sendang Gile

waterfall sendang gile

There are a thousand of beautiful waterfalls that laying on Lombok Island, one of the best is waterfall Sendang Gile. This beautiful waterfall is located at Senaru Village the Northen part of Lombok Island not far from the hiking trail of Mount Rinjani. Direction to waterfall Sendang Gile The attraction of Sendang Gile Waterfall Interesting history […]

Things to Know Before Going Through Letter E Rinjani Trek

Letter E Rinjani

Mount Rinjani has many challenging and dangerous treks. From many available, one of the most popular treks is the letter E Rinjani. People call this trek the letter E Rinjani because the shape is similar to one of the alphabets. Then, hikers must go through to reach the highest point, 3,726 meters. Knowing More About […]

How to Get to Lombok from Bali

How to Get to Lombok from Bali

There are plenty of ways how to get to Lombok from Bali. Some of them are by plane, car, fast boat, and slow ferry. Further, the best choice depends on the budget and situation. Before choosing a way, let’s learn more about each option! Various Ways How to Get to Lombok from Bali Bali and Lombok become […]

rinjani trekking 4 days asia package

rinjani torean malaysian

rinjani trekking 4 days asia package Starting Point Sembalun 1156 m Finish Point Torean 600 m Trekking Duration 4 days 3 nigths Average walk 31,9 km Higest Altitude 3726 masl Type Leisure hike Rinjani Torean Map Overview This trip will take 5 days and 4 nights which is include the arrival day. On the first […]

Rinjani Second Summit 2 Days Trek

rinjani second summit

rinjani second summit 2 days trek ITINERARY PRICE GPS Itinerary Rinjani Second Summit 2 days trek Trek Wa : +62 87759678751  Rinjani second summit 2 days trek This package Start walk from Senaru village to Senaru crater rim to second summit 3200 m on second day, and back again to same way to finish point. this […]

Rinjani trek 4days 3night to summit, start Sembalun end Torean

Rinjani trek 4days 3night to Summit Lake and hot spring start from..

Rinjani Trek 4days 3night to Summit start Sembalun end Torean Village ITINERARY PRICE GPS Itinerary Rinjani Trek 4 days 3 night to Summit, start  Sembalun end Torean VillageWa : +62 87759678751   This program complete experiences for exploring nature all side of mount rinjani, visit summit 3726 m, Segara Anak Lake, Hotsprings and also you can […]

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